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About getsocial Gwinnett

We have the ability now to connect with friends, families, customers, and complete strangers on a moment by moment basis. That type of power and ability is mind blowing and oftentimes intimidating.

There’s a lot of social networks out there. What do they all mean? Should you be on all of them? You may not think you have time to be on social media, but you have to have some sort of presence on there in order to grow. Every business can benefit by being on at least one social media network.

But it’s more than just starting an account and waiting for the likes to appear. You have to be engaging, you have to be authentic, useful, interesting… you have to use your voice to compete with the noise.

Not too long ago it was ok not to have a website; these days, it’s crazy you don’t have one for your business. Pretty soon that’s how it will be for social media.

Where will your business be in one year?

getsocial Gwinnett is about teaching people how to focus their message on social media, develop their authentic voice, market themselves and their services, and best harness this type of media. It does work. You’ve seen it work for others. Now let’s get it to work for you.

Social Media Primer

Some topics you can expect in the Social Media Primer class:

  • The difference between all the social media networks and whether you need them or not
  • Defining your target market and creating content for them
  • Developing keywords, hashtags, and influencers
  • How to create quality posts and be engaging to your followers
  • How to check the analytics of your networks
  • Should you advertise?


Some topics inside of the Facebook class:

  • How to optimize your Facebook fanpage.
  • How to attract and grow your fan base.
  • How to create quality posts that have the viral possibility
  • How to read Insights and apply them to your marketing strategy
  • A quick look at Facebook advertising and boosting posts


Some topics inside of the Twitter class:

  • How to use hashtags to grow your followers
  • How to create quality tweets and engage with your followers
  • How to find influencers and get them to notice you
  • How to use Twitter Analytics
  • How to use Trending hashtags or newsworthy items


Some topics you can expect in the LinkedIn class:

  • How to optimize your profile and get recommendations
  • Getting started with LinkedIn Groups
  • How to add content and get noticed

Visual Social Media

Some topics you can expect in the Visual Social Media class:

  • Getting started with Instagram
  • Getting started with Pinterest
  • Getting started on Youtube
  • What kind of pics you should take for social media
  • Hashtags and finding influencers
  • How to build a strategy for visual social media