My name is Suzanne.

I’m a bleeding heart for small businesses and entrepreneurs. Why? They are the driving engine of the American dream. These are people who decided to go against the norm of just being an employee and betting on themselves to achieve success.

That’s pretty awesome, don’t you think?

I’ve been an employee for entrepreneurs and local businesses since I was 16 years old. They trained me to wear different hats, they taught me aspects of business that college kids were learning sitting in a classroom, and on my own I taught myself how to help them through the internet (long before Facebook and Twitter!).

Social media became my primary focus because it’s my strength. Social media marketing, targeting audiences, creating clear promotional messages, and even email marketing… it’s what I fell in love with. Small business owners tend to not get excited about social media like I do, and their frustration is what brought me right here… right now. I make it easy and simple for you to market yourself through social media through a planned, customized strategy.

You believed in yourself when starting your business, now let me believe in the power of your message.